Sabrina Sacco

6 minute read

Alt Text Eating disorders are distressing and serious psychiatric illnesses involving disordered eating patterns and/or unhealthy strategies to control weight [1]. In past decades, prevalence rates of eating disorders have globally increased by 25%. These serious disorders can lead to many physical and psychological problems for the individual (e.g., malnutrition,…

Ryan Aberback

7 minute read

Alt Text Don your flower crowns and turn up the Hendrix - psychedelics are back! Through legally conducted research with these illegal substances, scientists have found that psilocybin, the ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms that makes people feel “groovy”, is associated with improvements in people’s mental health. The varied effects of psilocybin such as…

Lori Hazel

7 minute read

Alt Text People regularly turn conversations into co-rumination: discussing the same problems, over and over again, in a very negative way. A classic example involves friends who obsessively talk about their ex-lovers. They might spend a lot of time and effort mentally going back over every little detail to try and understand the breakups. They may pine over and…