Our 2023-2024 submission is now open here!

Who is Eligible?

Concordia undergraduate psychology students
Students affiliated with Concordia psychology labs

Awards 🏆

The editorial team will award prizes to the best three articles:
1st prize: $100.00
2nd prize: $75.00
3rd prize: $50.00


The author guidelines outline everything you need to know about submitting to CJPN, from the formatting specifications, to the way files should be named. Please read the document thoroughly. Download the Author Guidelines

Submission Checklist:

1. Manuscript
Manuscripts should include: Abstract, Introduction, Method(s), Results, Discussion
Only .docx format will be accepted.
Note: Only one manuscript submission per person will be considered per year.

2. Attachments
Create a zip file with all of the attachments that accompany your submission.
Attachments might include (but are not limited to): figures, tables, and graphical abstracts.
Each file should be appropriately labeled (figures as “LASTNAME_Fig_number” and tables as “LASTNAME_Table_number”)

3. Publishing Agreement
The publishing agreement is a contract between the journal and the author. Please read it thoroughly and sign the document.
Download the Publishing Agreement
Please read, print, sign and attach this document to your submission.
Only .pdf format will be accepted.
E-signatures will be accepted.

4. Principal Investigator Approval
The Principal Investigator (PI) approval document is an agreement between the journal, the author, and the investigator whose data is included within the manuscript. Please read it thoroughly, sign the document, and have the PI do the same.
Download the PI Approval Form
Please read, print, sign and have your supervisor sign this document.
Only .pdf format will be accepted.
E-signatures will be accepted.

Note: if you submit more than one article, only the first submission will be considered for review.
Questions? Need guidance preparing your manuscript or review? Please email us at :