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Writing a good Review

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Ever wonder how to write a review for an empirical article?
How is this different from editing a science communication article?

Join CJAP & CJPN to learn about the review process and practical pointers for how to review papers from a science communication and academic perspective.

Dr. Emily Coffey (Psychology Department) gave a workshop on how to write an empirical review, and Cristina Sanza (Journalsim Department) covered how to edit a science communication article.

How to communicate science? Instructions for preparing and submitting a CJAP article

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Click here to watch the recording of the workshop.

As academics, we become quite good at explaining our work to other academics, but get significantly less training conveying complex information to the public.
This leads to the frequent mistake of ‘dumbing’ down research findings instead of making it more concise.

Join us in this workshop to learn how to communciate complex science to the public.

Social Media for Academics

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Building a social media presence is becoming increasingly important in today’s very online society. Social media helps academics develop collaborations, share their most recent work and recruit participants for studies.

While Twitter has quickly become the academic’s favorite social media platform: How, when and what exactly do academics tweet about?
What other social media platforms do academics use?

Join the CJAP team to learn how to use Twitter, Github, Facebook, ResearchGate, LinkedIn and more!

Info Session

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Want to learn more about CJAP? Come to this event to learn more about what we do and all the exciting things coming up this semester!

This is a great opportunity to learn more about science communication, upcoming CJAP and CJPN events, and what’s involved in submitting to either of our journals!

Anyone interested in learning more about CJAP is welcome

Do’s and Don’ts: Presenting an Empirical Article

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This workshop is aimed at students who will be presenting at Concordia & McGill’s Journal Day Evening, but everyone is welcome to join!

In preperation for Concordia and McGill’s collaborative Journal Club Evening on Thursday, February 18th from “5:00 à 7:00pm” on Zoom, CJAP & CJPN are happy to present a workshop on the “Dos and Don’ts: Presenting an Article Summary” to help Journal Day presenters learn the best tips to read, summarise and present their article.

Jourday Club Evening

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Do you want to gain experience reading and presenting empirical articles? Yet do you hate the stress and pressure that comes with presenting in front of classmates and your professor?
Psychology student groups from Concordia and McGill (MAPS, CJAP, CJPN, MPSA & CUPA) have come together to bring you the first ever Journal Club Evening!

The aim of this event is to create a stress-free environment in which undergraduates can practice presenting and discussing an empirical article on topic of interest (in psychology). Presentations will last 10-15 mins, followed by a 5 mins discussion on the article.
To make sure the process remains stress-free, all undergraduate students (from Concordia and McGill) who are interested in participating will be paired with a graduate student who will help them choose their empirical article and prepare a short PowerPoint presentation summarizing the chosen article. Further, Concordia’s Psychology Journals (CJAP & CJPN) will give a workshop on the “Dos and Don’ts: Presenting an Article Summary” on February 1st at 4:30pm to help participating undergraduate students (and anyone else!) learn the best tips to read, summarize and present their article.

Creating your own Website

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Website creation is a skill that any academic should aim to add to their CV.
Be it to make your personal website to create a lab or organization website, knowing how to make a website on your own, and for FREE is a definite plus!
Plus, let’s face it; knowing how to code and program your own websites is pretty cool.
In this workshop we teach you how to create a personal academic website using RStudio.

No prior coding knowledge is required, we will guide you through each step of the way!

Prefer to work on creating your website on your own time? Download a handout here