Brain Connectivity

Zaki Alasmar

5 minute read

Have you ever wondered whether different locations of the brain talk to each other? They do, in fact, constantly communicate with each other. This communication is somewhat like how we as individuals communicate with those around us. For example, we send and receive information every day, such as when we wave hello to a friend (send) and they wave back at us (receive). Similarly, different regions of the brain send and receive information between each other to help perceive and interpret the…

Alexander Bailey

7 minute read

Alt Text Imagine sitting at a table on the terrace of a café in Paris. It’s nighttime, but the boulevard’s lampposts’ glow and the café’s signage light up the dark sky. The usual crowds are thinning, and several smartly dressed couples pass by with their cigarette smoke wafting in their wake. Lifting your cup of aromatic coffee to your lips, you find yourself…