Nimmi Luckheenarain

6 minute read

Imagine that you are out on a typical dinner date and your significant other is ‘talking’ way too much with the waiter which makes you feel insecure, fearful or concerned about your relationship: that’s jealousy. Most of us have experienced jealousy as a reaction to romantic relationships at some point in our life. Did you know that this feeling can stem from having an anxious attachment style? Jealousy is especially prevalent when we are involved in a romantic relationship as it motivates one…

Nathan Gangné

8 minute read

We’ve all been there. You are standing on a bus, all the seats are taken, so you hold on for dear life. At the next stop, an older adult boards the bus, and sadly no one is willing to give up their seat for them. You start giving the sitters some passive-aggressive stares in the hopes that they catch on and step up (quite literally) to the occasion. But why is it so important for them to sacrifice their pleasurable sitting experience for the older individual?

Micaël Thériault

7 minute read

It’s the end of a stressful day at work and you’re about to head out when you get into a fight with a colleague. Then, a careless driver cuts you off on your way home and almost causes a crash. Needless to say, you’re upset. You get home, and suddenly, that chocolate cake waiting in the fridge is the only thing on your mind. You open the fridge, take one bite, and before you know it, the whole thing is gone. You feel embarrassed and ask yourself: “Why do I always do this?”