Cognitive psychology

Julia Mignelli

6 minute read

If you live in Canada, you know it is an ethnically diverse country, but have you ever thought about how you assume a person’s ethnic origin? Canada is home to over 400,000 immigrants, a number that continues to rise, and Middle Eastern refugees currently account for 11% of these immigrants [1,2]. The ability to perceive minority groups affects the authenticity of our interactions and relationships with individuals from these groups [3]. Consider the following setting: you are sitting in the…

Gabriela Serrano Blanco

6 minute read

The ability to perceive colour is something people usually take for granted. It is not something you are taught in school or that can be learned, but something you are born with. In fact, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, colours are essential to help us navigate throughout our daily lives. The majority of people have a similar colour perception, however, 7% of males and 0.5% of females are proven to perceive it differently [1]. Colour blindness is a term used for those who have…